Misson Of School

Mission of INSC

In recent decades, Iranian cinema has been able to acquire a special and valid position around the world and capture the attention of various countries, despite its many ups and downs. Now, preserving this status and describing its theoretical foundations and practical impact both inside and outside of Iran requires training and research that, with keeping the cultural aspects of this country in mind, helps decrease the distance between Iran and the world in terms of cinematic knowledge and standards. In other words, Iranian cinema is currently at a stage where it requires the documenting of its previous experiences as well as the forming of a connection with current cinematic knowledge from around the world.

In this regard and with the goal of the systematic development of cinematic research and education, the INSC was established with an emphasis on practicalizing these studies and teachings in Iran; research and education which, in both theoretical and practical aspects, requires a change in concepts, cores, methods, and structures, because world cinema’s production methods and equipment have undergone fundamental changes in recent decades.

Providing a basis for the efficient and structured use of Iranian cinema’s knowledge, experience, and abilities for educating capable youth and in return, utilizing world cinema’s current knowledge, is among this school’s main goals. An opportunity in which we hope that with constructive interactions and dialogues, with the presence of filmmakers and esteemed professors in different cinematic categories from Iran and other parts of the world, efficient people are trained in order to guarantee the prosperity and the impact of this art industry in our country.

Furthermore, identifying, defining, and documenting the characteristics of Iranian cinema’s language (based on Iranian elements, components, and themes), increasing the practical knowledge and skills of human resources in the field of cinema, strengthening a scholarly point of view and eventually, standardizing the production methods and processes in Iranian cinema are among the most important goals and necessities that the INSC has focused on in designing its different research and education courses.

The Iranian National School of Cinema, with respect to the foundations of national identity and the characteristics of an “Iranian World”, with scientific and methodical study of Iranian cinema in different eras, as well as a pathology of our shortcomings in different branches of this field, has decided to design and implement different short term and long term training programs in different fields, based on an original educational system derived from Islamic and Iranian teaching traditions.

In this research and education organization, the goal is to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for Iranian filmmakers and artists, in which the experiences and abilities of professionals in cinema and other intellectual, cultural, and artistic fields are used to educate the capable youth of this country.