History Of School

The History of the School

Plans for establishing the Iranian National School of Cinema were first brought up in the Eleventh Government in October 2013. The Chairman of the Cinema Society appointed the Director General of the bureau of Research and Development in Cinematic Skills and Knowledge with the task of designing and implementing this plan by gathering the data and conducting the negotiations necessary for the creation of such an organization. As a result, the structures and practices of renowned film schools around the world were researched, professional experts and university professors in the field of cinema were consulted, and most importantly, the necessity of establishing such a center was discussed. Therefore, initial studies took place in the winter of 2013 so that the school’s policy and planning council was formed in March 2014.

During multiple sessions, and based on previous and ongoing studies and consultations, the council presented the initial structure of the school to the Chairman of the Cinema Society so that he may show it to the Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance. After the minister’s confirmation, steps were taking in order to approve the plan in the Monitoring Center for Cultural Organizations. The first meeting of the INSC’s Board of Trustees, comprised of Naser Taghvaei, Majid Majidi, Leila Hatami, Mojtaba Raei, Yunes Shokrkhah, Mohammad Bagher Ghahramani, Hujjatullah Ayyubi, Majid Sheikh Ansari, and the CEO of the Farabi Foundation, took place on January 14th 2015. In this meeting, the school’s Board of Directors was selected, steps were taken for legally registering the school in the Registrar of Companies and Institutions, and finally, on March 15th 2015, the Iranian National School of Cinema officially opened.

Since then, the school’s academic and research plans are being implemented in different councils. Meanwhile, the INSC has been the host of many sessions and workshops, as reported by the media.