Iranian National School of Cinema Holds

The Professional Workshop on Pre-visualization

The call for registering in the educational professional workshop on pre-visualization in the Iranian National School of Cinema was issued.

Pre-visualization as a common trend in the modern Cinema of the World means visualizing of complex scenes in a movie before filming. It enables the filmmakers to see the final product before the filming.

The main concepts and topics which will be covered in the workshop are the below:

  • Learning how to build a 3D set design without having any 3D-making background
  • Learning how to lay out the stage
  • Illumination and light in the film stage
  • Working with the camera in a 3D environment
  • Learning how to build a favorable character with the costume and makeup fitting to the screenplay
  • Learning how to make field special effects
  • Learning how to build a story-board by the pre-visualization


The features of the workshop and registration:

  • Audience: General audience, all those who are interested in cinema, and the filmmakers, from amateur to professional, particularly students, directors, cameramen and cinematographers, set designers, and …
  • The period of the course: 2 days, 8 hours.
  • Capacity: 30 persons
  • Deadline for registration: Due to the limited capacity of the workshop the registration concludes as the class reaches to its maximum capacity
  • The time of the workshop: the second half of October

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