This Website Helps You Choose Lenses Based on Photos You Like

Finding the right lens for your project just got a whole lot more interesting.

INSC: Have you ever looked at a photo and thought, “I want to shoot something like that! What lens did that photographer use?” Well, a new website called What the Lens is aiming to help you choose lenses based on images that you like. What the Lens is a tool that allows you to scroll through their library of landscape, macro, wildlife, portrait, and travel photos, choose 20 of your favorites, and then uses its magic to pick a lens based on your preferences.


Is this a perfect tool for choosing lenses? Not by a long shot. Choosing 20 photos is kind of tedious, especially when all I want is to know which lens was used on one photo in particular. There’s also no way of filtering suggested lenses based on price, so What the Lens may show you three lenses that cost tens of thousands of dollars. And even though the site’s creator has big plans for What the Lens, as of right now it’s limited to those made by Canon. Also, and I hate to nitpick, but “images” is misspelled at the bottom.


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